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The 27-year-old accomplished singer/songwriter, who is also a professional dancer and actor, has been performing at festivals, theatres, and events across the world since he was a child. Adam moved to London when he was 18 to train at the prestigious London Studio Centre. He graduated from the jazz company, earning a BA Honors (Degree) in Theatre Dance & Musical Theatre, plus the Tom Merrifield Award for “All Round Strong Performer/Most Likely to Succeed.”


His resume in the theatre and dance world continues to grow. He has appeared on both

stage and screen and has toured the globe with various productions/artists.


Adam is known for his passionate, energetic and down-to-earth personality, which can be heard in his unique style of music. His personal sound as an artist is pop, but his songwriting has no limits when it comes to genres. Currently independent, Adam has distributed his music on various digital platforms. He has worked in the music industry all over the World including Los Angeles, London, Germany, Capetown and Liverpool. His first single “Psycho” was released in 2014 and was followed by a music video shot in Los Angeles by director Marc Cleary, who is associated with Kat Graham.  


In the summer of 2014, he signed a publishing deal with label 'Munix Music' in Germany, and released “Echo” an EDM/Dance track produced by German producer Last Hit. A music video directed by Simon Barnum was shot in London, and the track was featured on three dance albums along with the EP.  


His long awaited album “Ice Cold” was released in 2015. Produced by Uplink (German Producers), it is a mixture of genres and showcases Adam’s range as both a vocalist and songwriter.  A music video for the single “Ice Cold” was shot in LA and released on VEVO. The album is available on various digital platforms.  


His single “Waiting” was released in 2016 produced by Uplink. Along with an Extended Mix, it was released on Sonic Art Music in Germany. The song was licensed by Sony Music for Club Sounds, Summer Live, Dance Charts, and named “Hit Tip” by Future Trance. The track reached the top 20 in the German Dance Charts.


His latest single 'I Think That I Love You' marks a more independent artistry and is the first track of the long awaited 2nd album SWEET CHLLI which was released in 2019, followed by a headlining showcase in Camden, London.

The music video for 'I Think That I Love You can be found on AdamLyonsVevo.

Adam's Music has matured with age and life experience, and his songwriting skills and soulful vocals are being complimented by some of the biggest producers around the world.


To show how versatile his songwriting skills are, Adam also wrote the soundtrack for a unique London West-End Show called 'Real Women'... soon to be a British feature film.


Without a doubt, Adam has music flowing through his veins. Whether it is in the studio, or on stage, he pours his heart and soul into his work.